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We are a family owned and operated business that has led the way in joinery and has been supplying quality products to the construction industry for over 70 years. Our extensive of products and expertise is the preferred choice of many architects, housing developers, and contractors.


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The Science

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Higgins fire doors are rigorously tested and audited on a regular basis.

Fire doors are intricate life-saving systems that serve as a barrier between individuals and potential danger during crucial moments. The door’s performance is dependent on its intumescent seals, which expand when exposed to heat, and compatible components such as hinges, door closers, latch intumescent, smoke seals, and frame.

Testing involves exposing the door to extreme heat levels in a furnace. Technicians check for heat transfer by extending the intumescent seals at 3 minutes and measuring the gap, which should be around 3mm all the way around the door.

When selecting a fire door, it is important to pay close attention to the frame-to-wall gap. This area is often a weak point in the door’s design and improper installation can lead to significant issues.


Our Workflow

1. Stock received is organised and added to our workflow
2. Our high-performance CNC Machine cuts out the doors
3. Our spray shop adds required colour
4. Components are added to the door with intumescent and smoke seals positioned.
5. Fire rated glass is added
6. Higgins seal of approval positioned
7. Doors are hung
8. Doors are tested manually for final sign off
9. Final preparation for delivery
fd30 solid core nursing home
10. Door ready for use


Protecting lives and property with trusted fire door products

We are committed to quality, protecting lives and property. John J Higgins is a trusted source for fire door and fire door set certifications. We prioritise rigorous certifications program to ensure that our products perform as intended, protecting lives and property.

Smoke control test for door
& shutter assemblies
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Fire Door Inspection Failure: What It Means for Your Project

Thousands of buildings have failed fire door inspection, in fact 75% of fire doors failed to meet the required standards, putting lives at risk in the event of a fire

Is yours one of them?

Regular inspection and maintenance is key to ensuring your fire doors remain fit for purpose throughout their lifespan.

With more than 70 years of experience in the fire safety industry, John J Higgins offers a comprehensive fire door inspection service to identify and rectify any issues with your fire doors before they become a safety hazard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Specifications available

Choices of Veneer

  • Oak
  • Ash
  • GRP

Specification available

  • FD30 44 MM
  • FD60 54 MM

Panels available

  • 1-4
  • Flush

Choices of Colour

  • Any colour

What to ask your professional

Have you a credited installed employed?

Have you the right tools and knowledge?

Have you enough team members present? (Fire doors can be extremely heavy)

What type of wall its going into?

Is your door fit for purpose?


Cons of fire doors

Installation- doors are heavy and hard to install

Fire doors take longer than normal doors to create

Fire door installation

Step 1 – Threshold preparation

Step 2 – Positioning the doorset in the aperture

Step 3 – Lock jamb packers

Step 4 – Opening the door leaf to install fixings

Step 5 – Wall fixings in hinge jamb

Step 6 – Wall fixings in lock jamb

Step 7 – In process checks

Step 8 – Fitting and adjusting the door closer

Step 9 – Lineal gap sealing

Step 10 – Backfilling material and capping with intumescent mastic

“Grenfell council apologises for not installing fire doors that could have saved lives”

“Grenfell Towers doors could only hold back fire for 15minutes”


We’ve been here before lets make proper progress

Fire safety is too important to be left to chance


Project Example


Omega construction


Choice Housing- Sperrin Court Housing Care



John J Higgins success is built on four unique strengths
Quality, Delivery, Service and Integrity

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